165 Hz vs 144 Hz- Which is the better refresh rate in Gaming monitors?


You must be tired of your friends always having their way with you when you are gaming especially due to a dismally poor refresh rate of your monitor. It’s high time you get yourself a proper gaming monitor, think of a refresh rate of 144Hz or 165Hz, sounds amazing right?

I’m a lover of FPS (first person shooter) games and I will always go after the coolest games released by game developers to the market. Therefore, among my needs has always been a high refresh rate gaming monitor considering its panel type, screen resolution and adaptive- sync technology. A 144Hz and 165Hz refresh rate is a very good feature in any gaming monitor. If you are a gamer who plays games that require high spec monitors to enable you to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, then you are on the right path considering these refresh rates.

It is really frustrating to play a game on high graphic display settings but your monitor keeps on displaying blurred images because it can’t sustain the refresh rates that accompany the high image resolutions you are playing on. The ideal refresh rate on a gaming monitor is one of the trickiest topics as it is always based on people’s personal opinions, but that won’t stop us from digging deeper to understand which is better between the 165 Hz and 144Hz. I mean, why settle for less between the two? Here, we’ll look at the differences between these two refresh rates.

What are the differences between the 165Hz and 144Hz Refresh rate?

Refresh Rate
165 Hz
Frame rate
Up to 165 FPS
Up to 144FPS


The best gaming monitors in this decade are well known to have a refresh rate of 165Hz which enable them to handle games that demand a really high visual display. The combination of 165Hz refresh rate and IPS display results to amazing colour display on the monitor and very responsive, high speed change of images per second on the monitor. Imagine playing battlefield with your friends and you are literally one kill away to ultimate victory and then you get yourself killed because your screen stuttered a bit. It only took that one second to separate victory from defeat. This can be very frustrating. With this technology, you won’t have to be worried about having such experiences any more. With a refresh rate of 165Hz, it enables you to experience the highest levels of gaming display with blurred out images being completely out of question during game play. It really enhances a smooth in- game experience throughout. Some of the best gaming monitors that run 165Hz refresh rate include the following:

Reasons for using 165Hz Refresh rate

A lot of gamers value high quality graphics being displayed on their monitors when it comes to gaming. The following are the reasons you may consider 165Hz.

  • Gaming display. The 165Hz refresh rate will enable your monitor to display very good quality graphics and resolution of games consistently.
  • Smoothness on the slightest change of images. The 165 Hz refresh rate supports the highest settings of image resolution offered in any game. This will enable you to play games smoothly without any blurred images even with the highest image resolution settings.
  • Supports the highest display resolutions with ease. The 165Hz refresh rate allows you to be able to enjoy the fineness of detail in images displayed on your monitor constantly enabling you to enjoy gaming fully at all times.
  • Supports a high frame rate. With a frame rate of up to 165FPS, the 165Hz refresh rate guarantees you quality every time you play games using your gaming monitor.

Limitations of using the 165Hz refresh rate

The downside of the 165Hz refresh rate is listed below

  • Challenging to set it especially for beginners. Most gaming monitors that have this refresh rate of 165Hz don’t put it in use on default settings hence if you want to use this refresh rate for gaming, you have to adjust on the display settings of the computer. Advanced gamers may find their way to the settings and adjust this but it may prove to be a bit difficult for first timers or beginners.


There is a lot of different opinions when it comes to gaming monitors, specs, technologies etc. With a 144Hz refresh rate monitor, you are assured of smoothness during game play which, without a doubt, will enhance your in-game experience. This will be the type of experience that most gamers who use 4K gaming monitors won’t be able to affordably experience any time soon. The 144Hz refresh rate is capable of pushing high frame rates on image resolution which improves the display quality of images being displayed from the screen of your monitor. Basically, games that require high image resolution to be enjoyed fully? Not a problem. With the 144Hz refresh rate on your monitor, you are guaranteed stutter free game play at all times even when you play games that demand high image resolution. If you play fast twitch shooter games then the 144Hz refresh rate is the sweet spot that supports this kind of gaming. Some of the best gaming monitors that run 144Hz refresh rate include the following:

Reasons for using 144 Hz Refresh rate

Let us now look at some of the factors that may make you consider a 144Hz refresh rate

  • Affordability. The 144Hz refresh rate monitors are more affordable as compared to its competitors which makes it a good purchase if you are on a budget.
  • Frame rate. The 144Hz refresh rate is able to easily push up high frame rates of up to 144FPS which guarantees you smoothness of images being displayed on your monitor at all times during game play.
  • High display resolution. The 144Hz refresh rate also supports the finest image details in images being displayed on your gaming monitor which will improve your in- game experience every single time you will play a game.

Limitations of using the 144Hz refresh rate

The 144Hz refresh rate has one downside

  • Quality. Monitors that have 144Hz refresh rate occasionally fail to hit 144Hz at full image resolution without suffering in quality especially if you don’t have powerful gaming hardware. The display of images looks worse when you breach 120Hz.

165Hz refresh rate vs 144Hz refresh rate in relation to gaming.

If you want to outperform your pals during gameplay, would having a 165 Hz gaming monitor make a difference as compared to the 144Hz? Well, not really because the difference between the 165Hz refresh rate as compared to the 144Hz refresh rate is very minimal and can’t be easily noticed by the normal human eye. Having a higher refresh rate won’t necessarily make you a better gamer or enhance how you play a particular game because the difference is too tiny to even differentiate the two refresh rates on a gaming monitor. The professional gamers however, may be able to differentiate when playing.


In this comparison, the 165Hz refresh is slightly better than the 144Hz refresh rate in gaming monitors. There is only a 13% difference in refresh rate between 165Hz and 144Hz, but it’s still a difference right? 165Hz can support a slightly higher image resolution and still maintain the speed at which images being displayed change without reducing quality. This will enhance your in- game experience by a slight margin as compared to playing on the 144Hz refresh rate gaming monitors.