ACER PREDATOR XB271HU vs. Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ- Which of these two gaming monitors will fulfil your gaming needs


You are finally done saving and all that is running through your mind is whether you should purchase the Acer XB271HU or the Asus PG279QZ. You value excellence in gaming and without a doubt you are definitely on the right track if you are taking these two amazing gaming monitors into consideration.

As gamers, we love taking our gaming experience to the next level and always look-out for any new technology released to the market that will blow our minds. Personally, I cannot stand using a gaming monitor that has sub- standard picture quality or one that can be able to sustain high image resolution during gaming. A gaming monitor needs to fulfil all my gaming needs for me to be fully satisfied with it and I’m pretty sure that this applies to you as well.

There are a number of features that I always look at before I consider a gaming monitor worth buying. It should be able to deliver great picture quality of at least 1440P resolution and a high refresh rate of 144Hz and above. The gaming monitor should also have an IPS panel that provides brilliant vertical and horizontal angles so that I’m able to enjoy in- game experience without any limitations. I will always appreciate the performance of a good gaming monitor but a sleek looking monitor is definitely good to look at. The Acer XB271HU and Asus PG279Q both boast a thin bezel design which looks amazing and makes the monitors look tidy as buttons are behind the panel. In this review, we shall check out these two gaming monitors that prove to be the game changers in the market.

What are the key differences between the Acer Predator X271HU and Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q gaming monitors?

Acer Predator X271HU
12.3 lbs (without stand)
7.9 lbs (without stand)
17.6 lbs (with stand)
15.2 lbs (with stand)
Height adjustment
Switch portrait/ landscape
Yes, both ways
Yes, clockwise
8.7” (with stand)
7,9” (with stand)
2.4” (without stand)
2.5” (without stand)
Native contrast

Acer Predator X271HU vs. Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ- How do they differ?


The Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q gaming monitor is lighter than the Acer Predator X271HU making it the better of the two. The Asus PG279QZ gaming monitor weighs 7.9 lbs without the stand and 15.2 lbs with the stand. The Acer X271HU on the other hand, weighs 12.3 lbs without the stand and 17.6 lbs with the stand. Therefore if you constantly move your gaming monitor from one position to another, the Asus PG279Q will give you an easier time as it weighs much less than the Acer X271HU.

They both share a thin bezel design however, the Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q is much thinner than the Acer X271HU making it the sleeker version of the two. The stand width of the Asus PG279Q is 12.3” while the stand width of the Acer X271HU is 17.6”. The stand depth of the Asus PG279Q on the other hand is 9.4” while the stand depth of the Acer X271HU is 10.6”. So if you are that Type of gamer who values the appearance of a gaming monitor as much as its performance, the Asus PG279Q is much sleeker in design which makes it a better pick as compared to the Acer X271HU.

These two gaming monitors also have a difference in their ergonomic structure. The Acer Predator X271HU is better than the Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q as it has better adjustment settings. The Acer X271HU has a height adjustment of 5.9”while for the Asus PG279Q is 4.7”. The setting on the Acer X271HU are much more flexible than the PG279Q which allows you to set your gaming monitor to your most comfortable position and enable you to enjoy long hours of gaming.

Picture Quality

Gamers have one thing in common that we always look at and that is the quality of the images being displayed by a gaming monitor. You can agree with me that there is no better feeling than playing a game on the highest image display resolution setting. If a gaming monitor delivers this by not displaying stuttering images or reducing the speed of images being displayed per second even when set on the highest graphics setting, then it’s definitely good value for your money.

Both the Acer Predator X271HU and Asus PG279Q have great image quality during gaming. However, the Asus PG279Q offers slightly better image quality as compared to the Acer X271HU. This is because the Asus PG279Q has a native contrast ratio of 1195:1 while the Acer X271HU has a native contrast ratio of 1055:1.

Acer X271HU vs. Asus PG279QZA Comparison overview

Acer Predator X271HU- Overview

The Acer Predator X271HU is a 27” (1440p) monitor that offers wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles of the images being displayed. It also has a refresh rate of 165Hz which is essential especially in FPS (First Person shooter) games as the monitor is able to grant you a smooth in- game experience every single time you play a game. This gaming monitor also comes with a thin bezel design and a stand that has red accents which looks solid and of good build quality.

It is very easy for you to find your most comfortable gaming position with this gaming monitor as it has good ergonomics adjustment options. The back of the monitor has a hole that allows you to neatly tuck in all the cables that connect to the monitor. The Acer X271HU looks a bit thicker than it really is when you look at it from the side because where the cables are tucked in is a bit bulky. This gaming monitor also has a native contrast of 1055:1 and lacks local dimming.


  • It has great low input lag.
  • Impressive ergonomics.
  • High refresh rate of 165Hz.
  • High quality image display.


  • It has a low contrast ratio.
  • Screen response time has a bit of lag.


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Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ- Overview

The Asus PG279QZ is a good gaming monitor which produces great picture quality of 1440p resolution. The Asus PG279Q is a 27”monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz that you can adjust to 165Hz. The PG279QZ also consists of the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology which offers you gameplay that is smooth and free of any stutter or tear of images throughout the time you shall be gaming. This monitor has a thin bezel design which makes it look very sleek and good to look at, and a stand that supports the monitor properly.

The Asus PG279QZ is also equipped with ASUS Eye Care Technology which enables you to play a game for a long period of time without harming your eyes as it protects you from eye fatigue and other eye complications. It also has an ergonomic stand that has flexible adjustment settings and a wide swivel range which enables you to set the position of the monitor to your most preferred position with utmost ease. The PG279QZ has GameVisual and GamePlus features which improve colour performance and control of the monitor whenever you play a game on high image resolution settings. This monitor is made of plastic but it is of very good build quality.

It also has essential connectivity options with various ports i.e. USB 3.0 Ports, HDMI Port and a Display Port 1.2.


  • It has ultra- smooth graphics which enhances in- game experience.
  • Its thin bezel design and light weight makes it easy to carry.
  • Smart air vent design that helps the monitor stay cool during long gaming sessions.
  • It offers wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles.


  • Lacks HDR support.


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Conclusion: so which is better- Acer XB271HU or Asus PG279QZ?

In this comparison, the clear winner is the Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ because it has slightly superior features as compared to the Acer XB271HU. The Asus PG279QZ offers a higher image quality in gaming due to its superior native contrast ratio. The Asus PG279Q also has a better calibration from factory as compared to the Acer XB271HU which helps if you don’t know how to calibrate a gaming monitor.


What does the G-SYNC technology do on the Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q?

The G- SYNC technology is developed by NVIDIA which helps to combat stuttering or tearing of images being displayed by the monitor during game play. This enhances a smooth and fast in- game experience when you use the Asus PG279QZ gaming monitor.

What is the maximum height adjustment of the Acer Predator XB271HU?

The Acer XB271HU has a height adjustment of 5.9”. This is a good gaming monitor as it offers very flexible height adjustment settings which allows you to adjust the position of your gaming monitor to your most preferred position.