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Asus ROG SWIFT PG278QR Monitor vs. Asus ROG SWIFT PG278Q Monitor – Which monitor has better gaming features between the two


It’s now a great opportunity to improve your gaming set up but you are sitting there trying to figure out which gaming monitor is better between the Asus PG278QR and the Asus PG278Q. Without a doubt, these two gaming monitors have really set a golden standard for gaming monitors of this generation especially due to the features they boast.

I am a gamer just like you and I love playing games as it is always helps me relax and forget about all my troubles. Well, sometimes I tend to get a bit competitive while gaming, maybe a bit too competitive, and this is not very much possible if I play top notch games with gaming monitors that are not up to high quality standards. When it comes to gaming monitors, there are certain key factors that you need to consider before deciding which gaming monitor you will purchase i.e. its Functionality, reliability and lastly its build quality. The Asus PG278QR gaming monitor is the update version of the PG278Q and the main difference is the refresh rate of the updated version can be adjusted slightly more than the earlier version and the inclusion of a HDMI port on the newer version. However, let us get into depth and review these highly responsive gaming monitors in our market.

What are the key differences between the Asus ROG SWIFT PG278QR and Asus ROG SWIFT PG278Q gaming monitors?

238 mm
237.9 mm
620 mm
619.8 mm
Pixel density
HDMI Output
USB Ports
Operating power consumption

Asus PG278QR vs. Asus PG278Q- How do they differ?


The Asus PG 278Q is 237.9 mm thick and its width is 619.8 mm as compared to the Asus PG278QR which is 238 mm thick and its width, 620 mm. The Asus PG 278Q might only be 0.1 mm thinner and 0.2 mm narrower than its counterpart but this is enough to make it better as its design makes it look very sleek. I mean, who wouldn’t want a gaming monitor that looks sleek on their desk? Aside from the fact that the Asus PG 278Q being the better looking gaming monitor compared to the Asus PG278QR, it is also slightly lighter in weight, therefore you will always be able to move the monitor from one position to another with utmost ease.


The Asus PG278QR consists of a new generation display with a WQHD 2560x 1440 panel which produces four times the resolution of 720P and a pixel density of 109ppi. The Asus PG278Q has a similar display with a WQHD 2560 x 1440 panel of the Asus PG278QR but with a slightly lower pixel density of 108ppi. The difference is very minimal but not one to ignore hence making the Asus PG278QR display better as compared to the Asus PG278Q. These two gaming monitors both offer a pleasant display in terms of graphics which will enable you to have an in-game experience that is great. However you should opt to get the Asus PG278QR instead of the Asus PG278Q if you want to experience the better display quality of the games between the two.


The Asus PG278Q comes with 2 USB Ports while the Asus PG278QR doesn’t have any USB Ports available. However, the Asus PG278QR has a HDMI output while the PG278Q doesn’t have a WIFI output. This feature holds more weight making the Asus PG278QR better than the Asus PG278Q gaming monitor. This enables you to be able to connect the Asus PG278QR gaming monitor to your TV using a HDMI cable and play games through the TV or even watch movies when you decide to stop gaming.

Asus PG278QR vs. Asus PG278QA Comparison overview

Asus PG278QR- Overview

The Asus PG278QR boasts a 27 inch TN Panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, a 1ms screen response time and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. This TN panel used by the Asus PG278QR is exemplary in gaming performance thanks to its speed and with its 8- bit interface, Srgb coverage lies at 99% which is brilliant for gaming. The Asus PG278QR is the world’s first 165HZ refresh rate with the NVIDIA G- SYNC technology which enhances smoothness during game play.

The Asus PG278QR is also comes with the Asus- exclusive Ultra- Low Blue Light with flicker- free, technology which will enable you to be comfortable when gaming as you won’t have to worry about the monitor flickering or dimming by itself during game play.

The Asus PG278QR is ergonomically- designed with a stand that is able to tilt fully, swivel, pivot and be adjusted in height. This feature enables you to adjust the gaming monitor to your most comfortable viewing position when you are using it. This allows you to play games for long periods of time without encountering any problem.


  • It is G-Sync compatible.
  • It has a great thin bezel design.
  • It has a fully adjustable ergonomic stand.
  • The refresh rate can be overclocked to 165HZ.


  • The TN panel sometimes offers the worst viewing angles and screen colour.


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Asus PG278Q- Overview

The Asus PG278Q is a crisp 27- inch, 2560x 1440 resolution visuals that are combined with a refresh rate of 144HZ and a 1ms response time which is made smooth by the Asus NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. This particular technology by Asus Company influences smooth game play throughout when you use this gaming monitor. The Asus PG278Q also has a unique GamePlus onscreen timer with a 60- 120- 144 Hz refresh rate turbo key and an easy to use 5-way OSD navigation joystick during gaming.

This gaming monitor also has a stand that is completely ergonomic with tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment with VESA mount that enhances optimum optical placement. The Asus PG278Q won the 2015 iF Award due to its outstanding monitor design.


  • Lower power consumption when it’s operating.
  • Light weight hence easier to carry.
  • it has an excellent default set up.
  • It has LED Backlit display.


  • It has limited connectivity with DisplayPort only.
  • TN technology restricts viewing angles.


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Conclusion: so which is better – Asus PG278QR or Asus PG278Q?

In this comparison, the clear winner is the Asus ROG SWIFT PG278QR as compared to the Asus PG278Q. It is the better of the two because it offers superb features and for a TN Panel, it produces very high quality images as it has a 0.93% higher pixel density of 109ppi as compared to the Asus PG278Q monitor. It also has a high refresh rate enables the gaming monitor to work without any hitches which will hand you the ultimate gaming experience making it a great value for your money.


Why choose the Asus PG278QR TN Panel over the IPS versions?

Well, it is presumed that the IPS screen is better than the TN panel when it comes to the quality of images being displayed by the two monitors using the different technologies. However, when we talk about the Asus PG278QR, the image quality displayed by this gaming monitor is pretty impressive for its specs and can be easily compared to the IPS screens. For its price, you’d rather opt to get the Asus PG278QR over any gaming monitor using the IPS screen technology.

Can An Asus PG278Q be used to watch a movie of a flash disk?

Yes it can. Aside from this monitor offering superb video image quality for gaming, it also has 2 USB ports where you can connect your flash disk and watch all the movies that you saved in the flash disk at the comfort of your home.

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