Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ vs. Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q- Does newer mean better for gaming


What’s the use of having a high- end PC if you don’t have a good gaming monitor? It sounds like a waste of your precious hardware don’t you think? I believe you are open to taking your gaming to the next level on a budget and one of these two top range gaming monitors might just be what you have been looking for.

We all look for value in our buck, don’t we? Well, I most certainly do which always drew me back to an endless checklist of specs and standards that no gaming monitor seemed to fully satisfy at the price I was ready to pay for, especially due to my budget. Once I bumped into these two gaming monitors, this was no longer something to worry about. Considering their specs, there aren’t any major differences between these two gaming monitors as they are almost identical in design and are pretty similar when it comes to their overall performance as well however, one of the most notable differences is that the older Asus PG279Q monitor is brighter than the newer Asus PG279QZ monitor. In this review, we will check out two gaming monitors that have really taken the market by storm, especially due to their cutting-edge performance.

What are the key differences between the Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ and Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q gaming monitors?

Asus PG279QZ
Asus PG279Q
7.9 lbs
8.2 lbs
7.9” (with the stand)
8.1” (with the stand)
2.5” (without the stand)
2.7” (without the stand)

Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ vs. Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q- How do they differ?


The Asus ROG Swift PG279QZ is very similar to the PG279Q however, it has undergone a few improvements on its structure making it the better option of the two as it is the sleeker and lighter version of the two monitors. Without the stand, the PG279Q monitor weighs 8.2 lbs while the PG279QZ is slightly lighter as it weighs 7.9 lbs. With the stand on, the PG279Q weighs 15.7 lbs while the PG279QZ weighs 15.2 lbs. The width and depth of the stands of the PG279Q and PG279QZ are the same at 12.3” and 9.4” respectively.

They share the same wall mount design – VES 100 x 100. The borders of the PG279Q monitor measures 0.4” while the borders of the newer PG279QZ monitor are thicker as they measure 0”6. The Asus PG279QZ is slightly slimmer than the PG279Q. With the stand on, the PG279Q measures 8.1” and 2.7” without the stand. The PG279QZ on the other hand measures 7.9” with the stand and 2.5” without the stand.

Picture Quality

You can’t really consider buying a gaming monitor unless it has good picture quality as the display of images through the screen should be top-notch for you to be able to have the best experience while playing the game of your choice.

The native contrast ratio of the Asus PG279Q is 1334: 1 while the native contrast ratio of the Asus PG279QZ is 1195:1. Native contrast ratio basically means the difference between the darkest parts of the image and the brightest parts of the same image on the monitor, therefore in this scenario the PG279Q is a better monitor as compared to the newer PG279QZ. The back light of the PG279Q is direct while the back light of the PG279QZ is from the Edge. They both use SDR Video (Standard Dynamic Range) however, the PG279Q is brighter with 379cd/m while the PG279QZ has 279 cd/m. The Standard Dynamic Range Video (SDR) colour volume of both monitors is the same.

The Horizontal and vertical viewing angles of the PG279QZ is slightly better than the PG279Q monitor.

Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ vs. Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QA Comparison overview

Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ- Overview

The Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ is a 27” WQHD (1440p) Gaming monitor with a thin bezel design that creates optimal balance between the monitor’s screen size and its resolution which enhances high refresh gaming. The PG279QZ also consists of the NVIDIA G-SYNC Processor. The main purpose of this technology is that it completely eliminates any stutter and screen tearing during gameplay which ensures smoothness throughout the time that you shall be playing a game.

The Asus PG279QZ is also equipped with ASUS Eye Care Technology which minimizes eye fatigue enabling you to play the games of your choice for long periods of time without having any eye complications. It also has an ergonomic stand with full swivel, tilt, height and pivot adjustments which enables you to adjust the monitor to your most comfortable position. The PG279QZ has exclusive GameVisual and GamePlus functions which enhance colour performance and control of the monitor during gaming.

It also has very flexible connectivity options with various essential ports that every gaming monitor should have i.e. USB 3.0 Ports, HDMI Port and lastly the Display Port 1.2.


  • It has ultra- smooth graphics which enhance seamless gameplay.
  • Its slim profile and super narrow bezel makes it a perfect fit for multi- display gaming set ups.
  • Smart air vent design that helps the monitor stay cool when you have long gaming sessions.
  • Flicker free technology that reduces cases of eyestrain giving you a comfortable gaming experience.


  • It has backlight bleed from the corners of the monitor.


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Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q- Overview

The Asus PG279Q is a 27”WQHD (2560 x 1440p) IPS gaming monitor with a 165 HZ refresh rate panel that displays sRGB gamut fully which enhances impressive life- like colour in games. The PG279Q also has a thin bezel design that creates a good balance between screen size and resolution during gaming. It has the NVIDIA G- SYNC Technology that is run by the NVIDIA G- SYNC processor which is essential as it removes any form of stutter or screen tearing which smoothens your gaming experience.

The Asus PG279Q is equipped with the ASUS Eye Care Technology which enables low- blue lighting mode protecting your eyes from harmful effects of blue light. This gaming monitor also has flexible connectivity options such as Display Port 1.2, HDMI 1.4 and 2x USB 3.0 ports.


  • Lifelike Gaming Visuals.
  • IPS Technology which enhances consistent, accurate colour.
  • Ultra- smooth graphics.
  • Remains accurate when viewed up close.


  • Large amounts of ghosting and low pixel response times.
  • It has backlight bleed.


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Conclusion: so which is better – Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ or Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q?

In this comparison, the clear winner is the Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ as it is a great example of a great gaming monitor if you are working with a tight budget. It is reasonably priced and can easily be updated with the latest software as compared to the Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q. It is also the later model as compared to the previous Asus PG279Q gaming monitor.


What are the graphics specs of the PG279QZ?

The Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ boasts the new generation displays with a WQHD 2560 X 1440 Panel which produces four times the resolution of 720p and 109 pixels per inch which enables you to enjoy superb image details and up to 77% more on screen desktop space as compared to the standard Full HD (1920 x 1080) displays. This gives you a major in- game advantage.

Is the Asus PG279Q gaming monitor compatible to different gaming set ups?

The Asus PG279Q gaming monitor has great ergonomics in which enables you to switch from portrait mode to landscape mode and vice versa at your own pleasure making it very easy to place the monitor in your preferred viewing position in accordance to the set up that you decide to use.