Canon mf toolbox 4.9 not Working {Solved} – Causes and How to Fix

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The Canon MF Toolbox 4.9 helps scanner owners scan their documents and then use the toolbox to mail the scanned documents to other users in a variety of formats. Having a scanner is great but having an application to manage the scanned documents helps you move faster. The MF toolbox 4.9 application is a fast download that will solve many of your scanning problems.

The MF toolbox acts as a bridge between your scanner (hardware) and software. With the application you can create four different scans at the same time and then save them to your computer for future sending via mail. The best part about the application is that it integrates with some of the most common mail providers in the market. You can save your scans in a variety of formats including PDF. You can also use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extra texts from your scans so that you do not need to waste time doing it yourself.

However, there some instances where you will find your Canon MF toolbox 4.9 not working. This can be the case when you are using a previous version of OS like Windows 8.

How to fix Canon MF toolbox 4.9 not working

Check Canon Scanner Hardware connection

Before you can start examining any software issues you could be having with the application you may want to check whether all your hardware connection ports are functioning well. You can troubleshoot this by first plugin out the Canon scanner cable.

Use a soft cloth to clean out the scanner glass and then re-plug the power cable again.

Now try the application

If it is not working then go to the next step

Uninstall Canon Toolbox and scanner driver

The problem can be related to their being existing Canon toolbox drivers after you have updated your OS from Windows 8 or earlier versions to Windows 10.

To solve this problem, uninstall the Canon Toolbox application from your computer so as to solve any conflicts it could be having with your computer and then re-install it again.

To uninstall Canon scanner driver

  • Open the device manager and click on Imaging devices
  • Locate the Canon scanner and right click it for uninstall device
  • Confirm uninstall
  • Should you find any older drivers/files for Canon scanner delete them

To Uninstall Canon MF Toolbox

  • Go to Programs & Features under the Control panel
  • Locate the Canon Toolbox and right click Uninstall
  • If you have older files for the Canon Toolbox delete them

Re-Install the MF Toolbox and Canon Scanner Driver

Now that you have uninstalled these programs it is time to re-install them again. This helps you to have the latest drivers in your computer. The fastest way to do this is via an app called Driver booster. To proceed:

  • Download, install and run the Driver Booster application on your Windows 10 OS
  • Choose scan for outdated, missing and faulty drivers in your computer
  • The app will take a note that you have problems with your Canon scanner drivers and you will be prompted to update the drivers
  • You will be given a scanning result after which you should locate imaging devices.
  • Choose update for your Canon scanner driver

Once done with the updates you can now test your Canon Scanner to see whether it is functioning as it should. You should also restart your computer to see whether the problem is now resolved.

Enable Windows Image Acquisition services

If your Canon MF Toolbox 4.9 is still not working you can solve the problem by enabling the Windows Image Acquisition services (WIA). You can do it by first locating it on the search box and then opening it. Once you have located it, right click it and click properties. In the General tab, type the word Automatic and start the service. Click Apply and Ok to run it. Go to the Log On tab and select the local system account to allow the service to interact with the desktop. From here go to the Recovery tab and click Restart the service option then first failure drop box list. Finally, restart your computer.

  • Change Canon MF Toolbox permissions
  • You should try this if you are able to print from your Canon scanner but you are unable to scan.
  • Go to the MF toolbox icon and right click to properties
  • Go to the compatibility tab and click change settings for all users
  • Choose run this program as administrator on the pops window

You will also need to reset the picture folder permission by:

  • Going to the pictures/documents folder and right clicking it
  • Go to properties at bottom of popup
  • Locate the security tab and choose your username and click edit
  • In all the options select Allow

Lastly, you will need to ensure that you also do not have any corrupted Windows 10 files that are affecting your printing. You can do this by running system file checker.

To do this go to the command prompt in the search box and right click for run as administrator the best matched result.

In the command prompt, type “sfc/scannow” to initiate an SFC.

The System file checker will now start detecting file errors on Windows 10 and you can see the corrupted files.

Solving Canon MF Toolbox 4.9 not working

Hardware connections
Ensure your scanner and computer connections are connected properly. Remove connections then plug them back in
Software upgrade
Previous drivers not compatible with Windows 10. Uninstall drivers then re-install them again
Enable Image Acquisition services
WIA provides imaging services to scanners


The Canon MF toolbox is an important tool to help in processing your scanned documents so that you can send them in a fast and convenient way. When the toolbox is not working you will need to check its compatibility with other drivers.


Is Canon MF toolbox 4.9 compatible with Windows 8?

It still can work but it best works with Windows 10

Is it safe to download the MF toolbox from third party websites?

You can look for trusted websites to make your downloads