Canon mf4450 Scanner not Working {Solved} – Causes and How to Fix

canon mf4450

The world of printing has evolved to the point we now have all-in-one machines called multi-function printer (MFP). This allows you to perform a variety of tasks like scanning, printing, and faxing. With a click of a button you can scan a document for copying, print documents directly from your mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, scan documents directly from your computer and print a fax from your email account. The Canon mf4450 scanner has all the above functions of copying, faxing and printing and this makes it one of the most versatile printers in the market.

The multipurpose scanner saves you resources and space you would have otherwise used for purchasing separate units to perform all these functions. You also save on maintenance, electricity and replacement costs. You can use the scanner at home or for office use.

Reasons for Canon mf4450 scanner not working

  • While the Canon mf4450 scanner offers you great functionalities it does break down with time and this can leave you feeling frustrated. Canon is renown across the globe for producing high-quality printers with long shelf life. Your scanner could not work for several reasons like:
  • If you have recently purchased your Canon mf4450 scanner then it may malfunction as it is not compatible with your OS. You will need to upgrade your OS if you are using something outdated
  • Simple troubleshooting your scanner a few times and rebooting your computer can solve the problem. Troubleshooting corrects any errors that could be present with your software
  • Also, check your USB connectivity and if you are printing wireless ensure that your router signals are strong enough for reception
  • You can check whether you are using the latest canon drivers for your scanner. You can go to the canon website and update their latest drivers for your scanner
  • Malware and viruses will cause systems to collapse as they corrupt device drivers.

How to troubleshoot your windows device

If your scanner is not working know that Windows offers you troubleshooting to restore it. To activate this:

  • In the search window type “troubleshooting”
  • Then scroll down to Printer. The printer icon is the one also for scanner
  • Click “run troubleshooter”
  • From there you will find guide through steps to do it

The other way (especially if you are using Windows 10) is to update your scanner drivers. You do this by going to the Windows update tab under Programs.

Under the icon click on “check for updates”

Alternatively, you can check for driver updates for individual devices by going to the control panel and clicking on Device Manager. You will find a list of devices and click your Canon scanner. Right-click on the device and take the option of updating driver software.

The OS gives you the option for browsing your computer for the driver folders or searching automatically. This method has pitfalls in that at times the device manufacturer may not have registered any updated drivers.

If the above is not working you can attempt to solve the problem by contacting canon directly. You can get their contacts and give them a call. When doing so have in place your scanner model and serial number. You will find the customer care contact numbers on the company’s website.

Malware and viruses

At times, the reason for scanner not working is that your devices are infected with malware and viruses. This causes them to infect your devices and cause malfunction. To solve this have an anti-virus in place that will ensure your databases are up to date. Do a full scan of your systems to detect any traces of malware and viruses.

  • If you connect your Canon scanner to a USB cable you can try out another cable
  • Check your scanner glass for dirt as this can hinder the scanning process
  • Check the scanner panel for any hardware errors
  • Choose the power saver plan on your laptop/computer

Various steps to fix scanner not working

How to
Rebooting devices
Simply rebooting your devices can fix any system errors. This will take a few minutes
Update OS
If you are using older versions of Windows like XP the scanner may not be responsive. Update to something new like Windows 10
Re-check your Wi-Fi connections
If you are printing over Wi-Fi ensure that your signal is strong and all connections are in place
Malware and viruses
Perform a virus check to ensure malware has not corrupted any of your OS and drivers
This allows the OS to identify the problem and fix it. You can run troubleshooter by right clicking on device.
Update drivers
Your drivers could be out of date and this will cause your scanner not to function effectively

You should note that outdated driver issues are not relegated to your printer alone. They can also be connected to your computer. You can solve both issues by registering with an automatic driver that is capable of checking on both ends and automatically update what is missing. Manually updating drivers can be frustrating as you spend time searching for something you may not be familiar with. There are also a host of websites offering the services which can also be confusing.


It can be frustrating trying to print documents only for your printer to start malfunctioning. Part of the problem could be that you are using outdated drivers or your connections between computer and printer are not properly connected.


How do I update device drivers on Windows OS?

You can start by going to the Device manager tab under the control panel. Here you will find a list of devices on your machine. Right click the one you want and click update driver software

Do printer manufacturers automatically update their device drivers onto your computer?

The problem with this is that at times the manufacturer may not have registered their latest driver software that solves a particular issue with Windows. This means you will have to go to their website for the update