Canon mx922 Won’t Print from Bottom Tray {Solved} – Causes and How to Fix

Canon mx922

The problem can be solved by a simple firmware update. This sets in place the right drivers that could be affecting your printer. Canon is a reputable Japanese brand that is involved in printers, scanners and medical imaging equipment. The company has subsidiaries all over the world and is renowned for producing high quality products. However, like all electronic devices you do experience challenges occasionally.

Causes for various Canon mx922 printing issues

  • Paper jam
  • Outdated drivers
  • Print head issues
  • Internet connection issues
  • Cartridge head problems

How to fix it

 How to load printing papers

Depending on how you load your papers you can experience a paper jam. To solve this make sure when loading multiple papers that you flip several times. This prevents them from sticking and causing paper jams. You should also ensure you align the edges properly and that you do not exceed the recommended paper limit.

When loading the papers slide them on the front side so that they align well with the markings. Also, load your printing papers with the print facing down.

Before loading papers ensure that you do not have curled edges. Confirm you are using the right paper sizes for your printer. Clean the inside of your cassette regularly to remove any dirt particles. Lastly, before printing make sure the inner cover to the disc tray is closed completely.

It is also important that you take great care for your cartridges. You should not break the cartridge seal unless you intent on using the cartridge immediately. This is to prevent the cartridge head from clogging. At all times ensure you purchase the right ink cartridge. There several third party companies that offer ink cartridges and at times they sell inferior ink which can damage your printer. Purchase from established dealers.

Printing unsatisfactory results

This is manifested through misaligned lines, white streaks, and uneven colors. When this happens, it could be that your media settings do no match the type of loaded paper or size. The incorrect paper type settings can influence the color quality for your photograph print. The incorrect paper type setting will cause the printing surface to be scratched. To solve this adjust the paper type settings.

For uneven colors and blurs check that you have selected the right print quality option. You can increase it and see whether your print quality improves.

Printer failing to print to the end of job

You can first opt out of a compressing software to print out your job. This can dramatically change your end result. You do this by going to the print options and choosing Page setup. Then select Do not allow application software to compress print data, once done click Ok.

Sometimes the problem is that you are printing an extremely large paper. You can adjust this by going to the page setup and the clicking Prevention of print data loss then moving the tab to on. Note that when this setting is turned on then you may experience a reduction is the print quality. Lastly, check whether you have sufficient storage capacity in your hard disk.

Printer not responding

While the Canon mx922 is an excellent printer it does malfunction occasionally. Paper jams tend to the most form of troubleshooting for most printers. Ensure that before you start operating your printer there is nothing that obstructs the trays. Check the input and output trays for small objects.

Your ink cartridges are meant to serve you for some time and from there be in need of refilling. When your printer refuses to print the problem could be the lack of ink in the cartridges. You should get notifications for low ink levels on your computer. If your inks are full but you are still not printing you may want to have a closer look at the cartridge connections. The print head is usually the one at fault as it can prevent printing if there is some sort of blockage.

Troubleshooting mx922 printer that is not printing wirelessly

At times the reason you are not able to print wirelessly is because your router is transmitting a weak signal. This can be as result of many factors like the time you are using your router being on-peak season or your printer, computer connections being not aligned. To solve this –

  • First check that you have turned on all your devices – printer, computer, and router
  • If they are on you can restart them all together.
  • This should reset some of the drivers and you should be able to print effortlessly
  • You can also try to move the printer next to the access point

How to fix common Canon mx922 problems

Paper jam
·         Open the printer back and remove any paper that are stuck together.

·         Ensure that you aerate your papers before putting them into the printer tray.

·         Check for curved edges that would increase the rate for paper jams

·         Do not put too many papers into the tray at once
Outdated drivers
Head to the Canon webpage and search for the latest printer drivers for your printer.
No power
·         Try connecting your printer directly to the power source with the absence of power surge

·         Check your printer adapter for signs of damage

·         Try using another power socket
Not printing wirelessly
·         Check your LAN settings

·         Ensure all your printer, router and computer cables are in place

·         Restart your printer


When your printer is not printing from the bottom tray you can try to restart it to see whether the printer software will rectify the problem by itself. If this does not work try updating your printer drivers. Lastly, check the printer trays for any signs of obstruction.

What should I do when part of a page are not printed properly?

You may first want to check whether you are using the right paper size

Why is the back of the paper smudged?

You may want to confirm the paper and printer quality settings