Canon mx922 Won’t Print Wirelessly {Solved} – Causes and How to Fix

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The first solution would be to remove Canon drivers from your computer then heading to the canon website and downloading the latest drivers. In some instances, you may be asked to plug in the printer cable for the setup to be complete.

Canon is a leading Japanese manufacturer of various innovative solutions in the medical field and printing realm. The Canon mx922 has grown to become one of the most reliable and high productivity printers in the market. However, there instances where the user experience is wanting especially when your printer is not printing wirelessly.

How to fix it

It can be frustrating trying to print over your Wi-Fi with no visible results. The problem could be with your printer drivers.

  • Step 1: To solve this you will need to head to the Canon website for your country, somewhere within the webpage look for the printer support page.
  • Step 2: Download the drivers onto your laptop or desktop. This may not load onto your tablet or laptop.
  • Step 3: Search for the file name with the printer drivers and open it for download
  • Step 4: You will find other assorted programs you can install choose the ones you desire. You will be asked whether you want to setup via LAN or USB. If you select LAN the program will do a search of routers SSID and you can click them to proceed.
  • Step 5: The Canon driver will at this point ask you to setup via the network connection or it may require you to plug in the printer cable at the back and then connect other end to the USB port.
  • Step 6: The setup wizard will search for your network SSID and then it will give you prompts to follow.
  • Step 7: You may be asked to unplug from the printer. Once the printer is visible on your network you can then print out via tablets or smartphones.

Restarting your devices

If your devices are up to date and you are still not connecting wirelessly, you can try switching off everything (this includes your printer, router and other devices). When doing this disconnect the printer cable from its end and from the PC.

To restart turn on the printer and wait for few seconds, then start the whole system. Reinsert the printer cable and try establishing all the connections.

Once you have restarted your printer and PC, now restart your router and connect to the printer system.

Finally, try printing a test print to check whether everything is okay.

How to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi

  • You should go to the printer menu and then device settings
  • Select LAN then click OK
  • Click the changes wired/wireless
  • You should be able to search your WPS configuration
  • Select the push button
  • Once the access point is completed click OK

Summary of issues related with printing wirelessly

Outdated printer drivers
This tends to a be a common problem for most printers. If your drivers are out of date then you are going to experience challenges printing. You can update them directly from the Canon website
Weak Internet signal
At times the problem is not with the printer itself but with your Wi-Fi connection. You could be getting a weak signal because your printer is far off from your router in which case you need to move closer to it. The problem can also be attributed to your ISP whereby there are experiencing some sort of network congestion
Clogged printer heads
You are going to be experiencing clogged printer heads if you do not use your printer regularly. Once you remove the seal from your cartridges you should make every attempt to start printing otherwise the nozzle heads will become clogged. You should also store your cartridges in a cool and dry place.
Low ink levels
At times the reason for your printer not printing is that you do not have enough ink for printing. Printers tend to have indicators for low ink levels but if your drivers are out of date you may not know what the problem is.

Most of the problems with printing wirelessly are attributed to connection problems. It could be that your cabling is all wrong in which case you may need to disconnect all your cables, reboot your devices and then reconnect them again. You should also check whether there any paper jams that could be preventing you current job from being executed. Check whether the tray has being positioned properly. Remove any foreign material that could be interfering with the printing process. You should also install your ink cartridges properly otherwise the printing process will not take place. If you are now well versed with this process, you can check your manual for it. Lastly, always ensure that you are printing with the latest printer drivers. This is because technology keeps upgrading and your printer software has to keep up to maximize on it.


The Canon mx922 is a great printer however, as technology advances at times it does not meet the needs of printers like mx922. It is common to find that the OS you are currently using may not support your printer. This necessitates you to login to the Canon website and update your current printer drivers. At times, the easiest way to solve the issue of your printer not printing wirelessly is to disconnect everything connected to the printer then restart it.


Where do I put paper in a Canon mx922 printer?

You will find the paper loader at the bottom part of the printer where there is a tray. All you need is pull out this tray and insert your printing papers

How do I make my Canon mx922 wireless?

The Canon printer is designed to be used wirelessly by connecting it to Wi-Fi. You will first need to go to the printer menu and select device settings. Choose LAN and press OK. You can then select between wired and wireless connection