Canon mx922 Won’t Turn on {Solved} – Causes and How to Fix

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Power problems are not that uncommon when it comes to printers. The problem is mainly physical and therefore you may need to check some of your power connections for physical fault.

If you are using a surge protector disconnect the printer cable from it and connect directly to the power socket. At times the issue could be with your wall socket. You can try using another power socket. If all these do not work you may need to take your printer for repair at a Canon repair center.


If your printer is not working you should recheck your power connections. The problem can be related to your surge protector or power sockets. Other possible causes:

  • Adapter problems
  • No power condition
  • Low power supply
  • Faulty power chord
  • Blown out printer components

How to fix it

Check for power

To power on a printer you need to softly press the power button. At times, the power button can be stuck due to liquids getting stuck there. It can also be as result of the printer doors being open or software problems. To solve this restart your printer and unplug the cables, wait for 30 seconds then power it back on. Plug back your cables and chords.

Faulty Power chord

You will need the printer power chord for you to operate the printer. If this is faulty then nothing will be working with your printer. Examine the power chord for any signs of damage. If it is faulty note the printer model number and purchase a new one.

Printer adapter

There are two main types of printer adapters – external AC adapter and the built-in AC adapter. If you have the latter then the adapter is not removable. To power your printer with this connect it directly to the wall socket while ensure there is no restriction in between. Check the adapter for any signs of tear and replace accordingly.

Canon Printer not working

If the power light goes on then the next issue you will need to content with is it not working. There are several causes for this including paper jams. Your printer can fail to operate efficiently if papers get stuck within the input and output outlay. This can be as result of stuck debris or the papers being stuck inside the trays. You should always try to aerate the papers to prevent curves.

Your printer can also refuse to print because of low ink in the cartridges. This could be because they are empty and need refills or the cartridge head clogged. It is recommended that you use your printer regularly to prevent clogs. If you do not intend on using your cartridges for the moment then do not remove the seals. Check for any loose connections and ensure you use the printer manual to install the cartridges. At all times keep the print head clean, this will prevent the occurrence of various errors.

If your printer is not running as expected you may also want to ensure that your drivers are up to date. Outdated printer drivers are one of the main causes for printer malfunction.

Summary fixing printer power problems

How to fix it
Printer not turning on
Check for software updates as this can interfere with your printer hardware

Your printer may not start if some of its doors are open, close then before restarting

To reset you printer, unplug from all connections, wait for 30 seconds and then plug them back in

Faulty power chord
No matter what you do if you power chord is faulty then your printer will not start. The only solution for this is to purchase a new power chord.
Faulty printer adapter
Printers can either have an external or internal power adaptor. If this blows out then you are not going to have power to your printer.

While trying to sort out your printer power issues, you also need to check whether there is a problem with your overall power lines. At times, your power source can be experiencing fluctuations which can cause severe damages to your printer.

When all fails you can get in touch with the Canon technical team in any of their phone numbers and you probably will have one of their technicians drop by. It is equally important to purchase original parts for your printer during repairs. While third party companies may offer you a good deal it will come with the long term cost of more damage to your printer. This also applies to your ink cartridges as poor quality ink will lead to more damage to your printer. If you are not well equipped to fix your printer we would recommend that you do not attempt to open your printer to fix it.

Check inactive or mode

At times your printer could have been set on inactive or sleep mode and this can cause it not to work as expected. To solve this you will need to turn it on and this disables the sleep mode. When all fails you can all the Canon Technical page and they may help you fix it. If you have a warranty than this should not trouble you much.


Your printer can refuse to start for a myriad of reasons that includes your power socket blowing up or you not having electricity in your house. When this happens, you should try out a different socket or try connecting your printer directly without the need for a power surge connector.


What should I do if my printer is not responding to commands?

It could be that you have outdated drivers which you need to update or you are experiencing paper jams. Your printer in tray can be having objects that obstruct the smooth flow of your printing papers

Why is my printer not printing wirelessly?

You should check your internet connection to see whether it is good and that all cables are in place. Also, ensure your drivers are up to date.