Canon Pixma tr4520 error 5100 {Solved} – Causes and how to fix 

Canon Pixma tr4520 error 5100 {Solved}

The error 5100 stands for a printer error that symbolizes that FINE cartridge holder has been impeded by jammed paper or stabilizer. You solve this by canceling any current printing and turning off your printer. Once done ensure that the FINE cartridges are properly installed. Turn the printer back on and your problem is solved.

When removing the impediment make sure you do not touch any clear film. Any scratch of this part may lead to damage of your printer.

Cause of Error 5100 error

When you see this error message on your printer it means that you have issues with your ink cartridge. In most cases, it could be that something has jammed the printer. You solve this problem by flushing the printer heads and using service mode.

How to fix it

Reset the ink cartridge

One of the key reasons for error 5100 is an improper settlement of the ink cartridge. This prevents the printer from properly functioning and triggers the error message. To solve this open the front of your Canon pixma tr4520 printer and reset the cartridge. You should also know when your ink levels are low. One clear way of knowing this is when you have unclear or fading printouts. On your computer go to devices and printers window and then check the toner levels.

Reset the printer

If the above does not solve the issue you may need to reset the printer. At times, you can be working with your printer over long hours. Due to the heavy use of the printer error messages can arise. You can clear some of these errors by simply resetting your printer. Try pressing the stop button for around 5 seconds and then release the button. In most cases, this should return your printer to normal operational conditions.

Common jamming

It is almost impossible to have a printer that does not occasionally suffer from jammed paper. If this happens you are going to be confronted with an error 5100. This error message will appear on your computer screen. You solve this by opening the back of your printer and removing the jammed paper. When opening the back of the printer ensure you have turned off your printer power supply. When you are experiencing paper jams your alarm lamp on your printer will start blinking orange.

Clean the printing strip

The printing strip is identified as a white plastic material that sits above the drive belt. When dust accumulates on the strip you will find yourself experiencing error 5100. Clear dust with a clean damp cloth.

If you are experiencing error 5100 more frequently than usual then you may want to update your printer drivers.

Reset printer

If you have tried all the above it could be time to reset your printer. As a printer reboots afresh it also fixes any faulty drivers. To do this press the power button on your printer and then holding the stop button simultaneously. Leave for 10 to 20 seconds. Press the stop button 4 to 5 times after the LED displays 0. This should refresh your printer drivers and your problem is solved. You should note that not all Canon printers tend to have the reset button, some it’s the use of the power and stop button.

Error messages can be stressing when you are trying to get a job done but still experience errors. The errors show you that something is wrong with your printer. Most of the errors are related to paper jams where the papers get stuck in the printing process. You can prevent this by flipping your papers severally so as to aerate them to prevent them from being stuck. You should also straighten out curved edges to prevent them from getting stuck inside the printer.

More serious errors will relate to your computer hard disk being corrupted or lacking space. The latter can be solved by you doing a disk cleaning procedure while the former is more serious and will need you to purchase a new hard disk. Before moving items to your new hard disk you will need to first of all back up your data.

Proper management of ink cartridges

How to fix it
Printer not printing
·         Check whether your ink cartridges have enough ink

·         Check whether you connected your cartridges in the right way. Use the printer manual to direct your steps

Clogged cartridge heads
·         Do not open the cartridge seals unless you are planning on using the cartridge at that time

·         Clean the cartridge head for clogs with a clean cloth

·         Some printers have an automatic cleaning mechanism that sprays a jet of ink onto the printer head to keep it moist and prevent clogging

Printer not responsive
·         It could be you are using outdated printer drivers. Go to the Canon page with your printer model and check for the latest printer drivers

·         Check whether your LAN connections are okay

Printer not powering on
·         Could be your power socket is faulty, fix this by trying to connect to another socket

·         Connect the printer cable directly to the socket and not via a surge protector



Printers like all electronic devices do malfunction with repeated use. If you are using the Canon tr4520 then you have probably encountered the error 5100. This error is mainly caused when you have problems with your ink cartridge. You can open your printer to check for any signs of blockage. When everything fails, you still can call the Canon technical support team and they can have a look at your printer.


What is the meaning of error 5100?

The error message is mostly associated with your ink cartridge. To fix the problem you should turn off your printer power source and look inside for any problems like jammed papers

Should I reset my printer to resolve an error 5100?

Yes, you can. However, if it is due to jammed papers or dusty printer strip you will need to resolve this problem before the error can completely clear

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