Epson L120 printer won’t turn on {Solved} – Causes and how to fix

Epson L120 printer won't turn on

Epson printers are widely used across the world. People love them for their innovative technologies, functionalities, and low maintenance qualities. However, like any other piece of technology they do break down. One problem that can be a major cause of concern for users is when your Epson printer refuses to start. At times, the solution can be as simple as plugin in your printer to a power socket or fixing an existing one, while there moments the problem can be more complicated.

Here are few issues you may encounter with the printer

  • Paper jamming inside the printer
  • Epson printer power button not going on
  • Front cover is open
  • Installation of wrong I/F card
  • Loading paper is too thick to clean head
  • Not enough papers for printing
  • Releasing the printer lever during the printing process

Possible solutions to printer not turning on

Power source

The first thing you may need to check out is whether you have correctly connected your power cable to the socket. It is normal to forget to do this. Once in place press the printer power button and give it a few seconds to power up. The power indicator lights will flash/blink. If you do not see any indicator lights, press the power button again. Be patient with your printer as some models take some time to power up. Note not to hold the power button for too long.

Check the Printer

If you have done the above but the printer indicator lights are not going on, disconnect the power cables from your printer and careful examine the printer for any visible signs of damage. If it is a new printer then it may still be covered by a warranty and you can take it for fixing.

Check Power sockets

You may want to rule out any problems connected to the power source by trying out another power socket. At times, your printer socket could be spoilt. You can also try connecting the printer cable directly to the main socket instead of surge protector or extension lead. This ensures that it is not the former that are the problem.

Check printer button

A well-functioning printer button should be depressed whenever you press it. It is unresponsive then it means it is stuck. Sometimes liquids that have crystallized inside the button can cause it to get stuck.

How to fix problems with printer not working

Possible cause
Power source
This tends to be the first culprit for a printer not working. It could be your adapter cables or power socket is faulty. You can try out connecting your printer to another power source to see whether the problem is solved. If you are using a power surge or USB relay you may want to disconnect the printer cables from them and connect directly to the power source.
Faulty printer indicator lights
Though this is less common at times the problem could be with your power indicator lights. If they are not working then you may assume your printer is faulty
Stuck Printer button
The printer power button is used to turn on the printer. At times your printer will not start if you press it lightly. In case you press the button and realize it is not pressing then it could be stuck. The main cause for this could be solidified liquids.


Other problems related to your printer not turning on could be related to you using outdated printer drivers. Drivers are updated regularly to solve some of the issues you could be having with your printer. If you are having issues with your printer you can head to the Epson website and reinstall the drivers.

At times the problem is related to your printer heads that are clogged. It is recommended that you use your printer regularly at least once per week. This helps keep the nozzle heads wet with ink and prevents them from being clogged. Some printers come with an automatic printer head cleaning mechanism that sprays some ink on the heads to keep them going. If you do not intend on using your cartridges immediately you should avoid breaking the seal and storing them in a dark and cool area. Also, check your ink levels as you will not be doing any printing if you do not have sufficient ink.

Paper jams also cause your printer not to function as expected. At times a person sends too much work to the printer or they send work with many images and photos. This creates a sort of dilemma for the printer as it can become overwhelmed. You can check the paper tray for any jammed papers or check for some foreign object. If all fails to start your printer you can contact the Epson customer care representative for solutions. If your printer is still covered under a warranty the better as you will have it fixed. Complete printer failure is possible especially if the printer is old.


Whenever your Epson printer refuses to start the main culprit is often your power source. It could be that the socket you are using to power up your printer is faulty or you are using a surge protector that is not working. You can try switching sockets to see whether the problem clears. If your power button does not depress when you press it then it could mean that liquids have solidified inside it and this causes it to not press.


What happens when my cartridge heads become clogged?

Printers that are more complex tend to have an automatic cleaning procedure for the printer head nozzles and this prevents them from clogging. If yours does not have this you can clean the printer heads manually. To prevent clogs use your printer regularly.

Can use USB relays for my printer?

Yes, you can however, if you start experiencing problems powering up you may want to disconnect them and connect the printer directly to power source

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