How to hard reset Epson L120

How to hard reset Epson L120

If your Epson L120 printer is exhibiting error signs whenever you try to print something or it displays a blinking indicator light then it could be that you need to reset it. Printer resets are there so as to clear any software errors that could be related to the drivers and that could be causing problems to your printer functions.

Epson is a Japanese electronics company that is also known for making large printers, information equipment, imaging machines and other innovative technologies.

Ways to reset your Epson L120 Printer

When your printer is experiencing challenges you will notice this by a flashing indicator light or you may get a waste ink notification. This signals that there is some error or problem that you need to solve. During this time you will notice that all your printing requirements have come to a halt. However, you should not worry much as the problem can be fixed.

How to reset after ink refill

The first kind of error you will get can be as a result of having an ink refill and the printer does not reset itself that it now has ink to print. You can reset this manually without the need for software. This problem is usually indicated by the ink indicator light going on and then remaining idle. At this point, you cannot use the printer for any printing. Here is how to do this:

  • First turn on your Epson L120 printer
  • Press the power button then afterwards the resume button for 5 seconds
  • Press the button again for 3 seconds
  • Leave the printer for some few minutes
  • Your printer should be operating as normal

Reset application

If this does not work, you can try out the Epson reset application. To do this follow the following steps:

  • Download the application
  • Once it is downloaded to computer, extract and install the drivers to your computer
  • Turn on your Epson printer
  • Open the resetter application
  • Click select
  • Select your printer type in this case Epson L120
  • Select the Particular Adjustment mode
  • Choose Waste Inkpad counter
  • Check the play pad counter box
  • Click Initialize then click OK
  • A popup message will appear
  • Restart your printer

What causes lights to flash on Epson L120?

Jammed papers

This tends to be more common when you are trying to print a workload. When the printer tray gets jammed you will have flashing lights on your printer. This prevents the printer from functioning properly and you will have a flashing error light. You can solve this by powering off your printer and removing the jammed papers.

Paper pulling sensor

With this problem you will notice that the paper is not being pulled inside the printer for printing. This means the paper pulling sensor has being separated from the stand. You will have an error occurring which you need to solve and reset printer.

Stuck Printer head

For you to print efficiently the printing papers should flow well inside the printer. If there is some sort of obstruction then you are going to facing some sort of resistance. It could be a broken plastic object that is causing the jam and an error will be triggered. The solution is to remove the obstruction.

Damaged encoder sensors

The problem can also be related to your having faulty encoder sensors. They can be damaged partially or entirely hence trigger an error message.

How to fix Epson L120 printer errors

Power cycling printer

The first thing you do to solve this is to disconnect the printer power adapter from the power socket. Press the power button for around three seconds and then power back and power on. You can try printing something to see whether the problem is over.

Repairing Printer lid

If you are experiencing paper jams you can begin by removing the 6 screws that hold the printer casing together. You will note that some screws are under warranty stickers. Once you have unscrewed, remove the ink cartridges and casing.

Checking for resistance

If there is a foreign object that is obstructing the smooth flow of printing papers you can check inside the printer for it and remove it.

Cleaning encoder sensors

The encoder sensors can be faulty or defective and this can case printer errors. You have two encoder sensors in the printer – the tape and round encoder sensor. You will find the tape encoder sensor along the rail on the printer head. The round sensor is found on the right side of the printer. Clean both of these sensors with some tissue and water. Do not leave any water residue on them.

Summary of Printer Epson L120 errors

Possible solution
Power errors
Disconnect printer adapter from main socket. Press the power button for 3 seconds than put power cable back in.
Jammed papers
Remove papers from inside printer. May require you to open up the printer. Check the pulling sensor to ensure it is functioning and not bringing an error message all the time.
Foreign object stuck inside the printer. Open the printer and remove the obstruction
Encoding sensors errors
If they are faulty you will need to replace them. At times the cause for their malfunction is that they are dirty in which case you will need to clean them with a soft cloth and some water.


Once your Epson L120 printer starts malfunctioning you will note that there is a flashing indicator light. This means your ink levels are either low and are in need of replacement or there is an error or problem with your printer. You can easily solve some of these problems by restarting your printer.


Why does my printer not start?

Have you tried connecting the power cable to the socket? If you have done this have you checked that your power socket is actually working, you can try reconnecting your printer to another power socket

Why is my printer not connecting wirelessly?

It could be that you are using outdated printer drivers or your connections are not right

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