HP envy vs. Canon Pixma


The debate as to which one to go with – HP envy or Canon Pixma – is a ranging one that seems not to be ending soon. Both companies keep releasing new models that offer better features than their predecessors do and this makes comparisons a bit difficult. Both companies are renowned for producing high-quality printers for both home and office use. The designs and functionalities are well suitable to meet every day needs. In this review, we check out some distinguishing factors to help your decision.

What are the differences between the HP envy and Canon Pixma?

Average copying speeds

Canon Pixma
HP envy
Print Speed (color)
Max. input capacity
300 sheets
150 sheets
Auto dial-side print
Bluetooth connectivity/Wi-Fi
Mobile printing
Paper input type
Cassette/paper tray
Paper tray

HP envy vs. Canon Pixma – How do they compare?


HP printers tend to produce consistently sharper PDF texts and graphics than Canon printers. However, the Canon TS6020 performs quite well when it comes to printing PDF formats. Laser printers perform better printing jobs than the inkjet ones. However, the Canon Pixma TS6020 is known to print with the same clarity as the laser printers. When it comes to producing glossy photo prints Canon printers do a better job than the HP printers.

Copy & Scan

For this the HP printers (especially the Envy 5540) do a better job than the Canon printers. You will find detailed and seamless transitions in your final copies. However, Canon printers have an edge when it comes to speed and quality. When it comes to average times for copying you achieve 13.4 seconds on the Canon for plain copies against 24.2 seconds for the HP. You also achieve 23.3 seconds for colored copies against 25.3 seconds for the HP. For high resolution colored scans you get 42.2 seconds from the Canon against 1 minute 30 seconds for the HP.

Printing speeds

Canon printers print faster than HP printers, when put to the test Canon printers were capable of 10 pages/minute against 9 pages/minute for the HP. When it comes to graphic images you get an average printing time of 2.8 pages per minute for the Canon against 2.1 pages per minute for the HP.

Ink price

Canon cartridges are cheaper than HP ink cartridges setting you back to 6 cents per page for high yield cartridges against 7.2 cents for the HP. For standard cartridges you get 8.3 cents from the Canon against 9.2 cents for the HP. If you are purchasing High-yield colored cartridges it will cost you 10.9 cents for the Canon against 18.5 cents for the HP.

HP envy vs. Canon Pixma – A detailed Overview

HP envy – Overview

The HP envy printers come with a LCD command center that allows for efficient monitoring and command. Some will have LCD screens with push buttons and touchscreen displays. HP has gone ahead and provides its users with an app that allows you to wirelessly control the printer. You can also do this via Alexa voice commands. With this feature you can schedule your printer so that it starts automatically. The printer is multi-functional and this allows it to print, scan, fax and copy. You do all this effortlessly through its app. The printer is compatible with Mac, IOS, and Android. HP printers have low upfront costs and you are able to achieve 7.2 cents for single paper for high-yield cartridges, 9.2 cents for standard cartridges and 18.5 cents for high-yield cartridges. The printer does an amazing job for text prints while still retaining decent speeds. When you put your calculations on the table you will realize that printing with the HP envy is cost-efficient.


  • Decent printing speeds
  • Offers sharp and crisp text prints
  • Lower upfront cost
  • Easy to operate with LCD and wireless app
  • Voice control commands via Alexa


Does not do so well with image and graphic prints

Canon Pixma – Overview

Canon Pixma tend to be a bit pricier than other printers in the market like the HP envy largely because of their ink. However, this has several benefits as it allows the printers to produce high quality prints and amazing photos and graphics. You are capable of handling up to 10 pages of color prints on the Pixma every minute which is quite adequate for a mid-sized office. For graphics prints you are able to achieve 2.4 pages per minute. Laser printers are capable of better text prints than inkjets but the Canon Pixma printers are capable of great output that puts them at par with the laser printers. The Pixma printers are good for multi-tasking as you are able to copy, scan, print and fax. You can do at great speeds of 13.5 seconds for single plain page, 23.3 seconds for coloring pages and 8.9 seconds for monochrome PDF. The Canon Pixma printers come with Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi and this allows you to print from multiple devices. The printer is also compatible with Mac, IOS, Android and Windows.


  • High quality prints
  • Printing speed is high
  • Produces good quality glossy photo papers
  • Connectivity through Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi


High upfront cost

Verdict: So, which is better – HP envy or Canon Pixma?

Canon performs is our winner in various aspects like it prints better quality photos than the HP printer. Its cartridges are cheaper than those of the HP printer and the copying speed is better for the Canon.


Which printer is better for printing glossy photo prints?

While both perform well in this category, Canon printers are capable of producing more natural looking photos than HP printers produce

Which offers cheaper cartridges – HP envy or Canon Pixma?

If you are purchasing high-yield cartridges, you are able to get a better price of 6 cents per page, which is better than 7.2 cents for the HP. You also get 8.3 cents per page for standard cartridges on the Canon Printer, which is cheaper than 9.2 cents for the Canon.

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