LG 27UL600 vs. LG 27UL850- Which is a better gaming monitor?


The LG 27UL600 and the LG 27UL850 have been designed with high performance features that take your gaming to the next level. These products supplement the performance of your high-end PC. The real question is which gaming monitor gives you a better gaming experience?

For a serious gaming set up, you would need one of the best monitors to allow for optimum performance. A monitor is among the most fundamental parts of your PC that let you get the most of your gaming experience. Figuring out the best monitor would need you to consider a few metrics such as the resolution, response speed, refresh rate, software, panel technology and the type of graphic cards among others. Considering the fact that there a great number of options in the market, the table below highlights the features of the LG 27UL600 and the LG 27UL850 to narrow down your options in finding the best monitor for your gaming experience.

What are the differences between the LG 27UL600 and the LG27UL850?

LG 27UL600
LG 27UL850
Power Consumption
Height Adjustment
Landscape/portrait view
2 x HDMI cable 2.0

1 Display Port 1.4

Headphone jack

2 x HDMI cable 3.0

1 USB (Type-C 60W)

1 Display Port 1.4

Headphone Jack


The LG 27UL600 and the LG 27UL850- how do they differ?


The LG 27UL600 and the 27UL850 both come with HMDI cables and a Display Port. The difference is that the LG 27UL850 comes with the USB Type-C ports which allow data transfer, laptop/ mobile phone charging and 4K video display all at the same time through a single cable. The LG 27UL850 allows you to comfortably multitask hence improves efficiency with USB Type-C and reduces cord clutter compared to the LG 27UL600.

Bonus Features

Both the LG 27UL850 and 27UL600 are featured with the Radeon Free Sync technology which allows you to enjoy smoother motion and lag-free action in competitive games. The LG 27UL850, has bonus features alongside the Radeon Free Sync like the Dynamic Action Sync and the Black Stabilizer. The Black Stabilizer option allows you to improve visibility in the dark areas of your game while the Dynamic Action Sync allows you to instantly attack your opponents freely without lagging problems. The additional features on the LG 27UL850 make it better than the 27UL600 which gives you a better gaming experience.


The LG 27UL600 and the LG 27UL850 have a sleek design with a 3-side virtually borderless design that give great visual experience without distractions from the bold images. The LG 27UL850, however, comes with an adjustable stand that allows you to experience your gaming in both landscape and portrait display based on your liking. It has been designed with an Arc Line stand with a smoothly curved base that provides stability to the monitor. The LG 27UL850 is a better gaming monitor than the LG 27UL600 as it assures you of a dependable and stable performance alongside elegance.

Resolution and Display

The LG 27UL600 and the LG 27UL850 are both 27 inches with a high resolution of 3840×2160 pixels with IPS display. They are optimized with VESA display HDR 400 that give bolder contrast between the darkest and the brightest part of the screen and it gives better highlights to the images and videos during your gaming. Both gaming monitors give you bold images with high levels of color and brightness through its high resolution features, 4K UHD HDR and a 3-side virtually borderless display.

LG 27UL600 vs. LGUL850- A comparison overview

LG 27UL600

The LG 27UL600 is featured with the 4K UHD HDR that is compatible with VESA Display HDR 400 high dynamic range that allows high levels of color and brightness in such a way that it exceeds the capabilities of ordinary monitors. The VESA display HDR delivers a peak luminance of 400nits that gives room for clear highlights. Additionally, the monitor has a coverage of 99% of the sRGB spectrum, that is brings out vibrant colors.

It is compatible with the HDCP 2.2 copy protection that gives you a chance to display videos from game consoles, ultra HD Blu-Ray disc players and also from 4K streaming devices. It is also featured with Radeon Free Sync which comfortably gives you a chance to enjoy flawless games without lag. As a gamer, this monitor allows you to switch into game mode that lets you choose the best conditions that let you play comfortably.


  • It has very low input lag
  • It has high resolution
  • Allows for multitasking through On-screen control features
  • Expansive viewing angles


  • It does not have internal dimming support
  • It has low HDR performance


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LG 27UL850

The LG 27UL850 is a high resolution (3840×2160) monitor with IPS. It is featured with the HDR effect which allows it to convert normal content into HDR-quality. This gaming monitor supports VESA Display HDR 400 with a wider range or contrast, intensity and brightness which allows for realistic features and outstanding visual immersion in the latest games, images and movies too.

The monitor has a wide viewing angle that lets you enjoy color visuals as it covers 99% of the sRGB color spectrum. The display is designed with a thin edge on three sides. It has the MAXXAUDIO pro application that heightens the audio performance of the monitor. Its display connection uses USB Type-C that is compatible with phones and laptops. This feature lets you transfer data while charging your other devices up to 60W.

The LG 27UL850 has the True Color Pro software that optimizes color performance by using Hardware Calibration that lets you experience a wider color spectrum and consistency. The height adjustment feature adds a functional design to the monitor.


  • Fast response time due to Dynamic Action Sync
  • It has low input lag
  • It has wide viewing angles
  • It is featured with USB Type-C ports


  • Free Sync of this game monitor is only available when connected via HDMI or Display Port.


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The most suitable gaming monitor depends on its features and its software to enhance its performance. Fast responsiveness and good image quality allow you to interact with your game at an intimate level.

Verdict: So, which is better the LG 27UL600 or the LG 27UL850?

The LG 27UL850 gaming monitor is a more powerful monitor because it is featured with the Dynamic Action Sync technology that contributes to its fast response rate while gaming and the USB Type-c which offers convenience. The Dynamic Action Sync is a great bonus for better gaming experience alongside the activation of game mode that allows you to choose the most suitable condition to play your game on the LG 27UL850. This enhances your gaming experience. It also has better SDR and HDR peak brightness that are crucial in your gaming visuals.


Is the monitor good for photo editing?

Yes it is. The LG 27UL850 has been designed in such a way that it can be used for graphic design, video editing and photo editing as well due to its 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum.

Can this monitor charge a laptop and other devices without degrading performance?

The USB Type-C port on this gaming monitor allows mobile phone or laptop charging, 4K video display and data transfer simultaneously through one cable. It delivers 60W of power and supports USB power delivery.