Why is my canon mx922 not responding {Solved} – Causes and how to fix

Why is my canon mx922 not responding

Printer problems are diverse and range from your printer printing blank pages to a printer that does not respond with the user. If your printer power supply is okay and but it is not communicating as it should with your computer, then the problem could be the user of outdated drivers.

Canon is a company that has established itself in the printer selling market. They also sell scanners, cameras and medical equipment. The Canon mx922 is a color inkjet all-in-one printer with copy and scan function. The main way to connect to the printer is via Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

If you are suffering from outdated drivers, the best solution is to upload new ones from the printer website. You may also need to conduct a troubleshoot to identify the source of the problem.

How to fix it

  • To fix a Canon mx922 printer that is not responding you will first have to go online and search for its latest drivers. You will find these on the canon website.
  • Next you will need to perform a troubleshoot for your printer:
  • On the touch panel of your canon printer tap the setup button
  • Go to the LAN setup, click Ok then easy install
  • Click on the Access point name and enter your Wi-Fi password and then click ok
  • Load the printer setup CD from your computer and head to easy install
  • Choose your printer name and choose next
  • Wait for around 2 to 3 minutes for you to make a print job
  • Ensure that your network is operating properly and the USB cable to your printer has being connected correctly
  • Also, ensure your printer is not on sleep mode
  • Switch on your printer and check whether the problem has being solved by the troubleshooting function

Factory Restore

If you have indicators showing that your printer is not working as it should then you may want to try to restore to factory settings.

  • To do this turn on your printer and go to the menu
  • Go to device settings and click ok
  • Choose the tab factory restore to start the process

Getting your Canon mx922 printer back online

The canon printer can be used to print online. This offers you seamless operation of the printer and you can print from multiple devices like your smartphone or tablet as long as they are connected to your network. If you are trying to print online then all of a sudden the printer goes offline then you may want to try this out.

  • Ensure that all the plugs are properly connected
  • Check that your PC and printer are connected to the same network
  • Ensure that your router signal strength is strong
  • Ensure you are printing from the right printer

How to connect your printer back to Wi-Fi

  • Go to the printer menu and choose device settings
  • Select LAN settings and click Ok
  • Choose the changes wired/wireless
  • Search for WPS configuration
  • Select the push button
  • After the access point is completed click Ok

Possible causes for printer not responding and solutions

Possible cause
Outdated drivers
One of the key reasons for printer not responding is that you are using outdated drivers for your printer. You can perform a simple search online to see whether your manufacturer has posted any updates. Download this and your printer may roar back to life
Poor connection between PC and Printer
This can be as result of poor connection cables. Your power socket, power surge can be defective hence not transmitting power to your printer. Solve this by connecting directly to power source.
Poor Wi-Fi connection
If you are printing via Wi-Fi and your printer is not responding you may want to restart all your devices so as to establish a connection


Canon is a Japanese company with a long history of producing high quality machines. The company has subsidiaries all over the world and you should therefore check out their customer care representatives in case the problem with your printer persists. For the better part most OS operators will update their software but at times may not receive driver updates from the printer manufacturers. This can be a leading cause for frustration for the printer owner as you will need to head to the printer website and check out for updates.

If you like printing over your LAN network then the troubleshooting can be a bit complicated. The problem could be with your router, devices or printer itself. It is wise to disconnect all your cables and then start again. Rebooting all your devices can reestablish the right connection. The Canon printer also comes with the ability to restore to factory settings. This may erase stuff you have stored in the printer but it allows the printer drivers to fix any problems with the printer. You can access this menu on the printer itself. At times the problem can be as simple as putting the cartridges in their right position. Each printer comes with a manual for installation of cartridges. You may want to have a look at it to see the right way to install the cartridges. You may also want to check your printer heads for any forms of clogging.


There are several reasons why your Canon mx922 is not responding. However, the most common problem could be outdated drivers and lack of communication between your computer and printer. You will need to establish your Wi-Fi configuration to ensure everything is running properly. You can carry out a printer trouble shoot to fix the problem.


My Canon mx922 bottom tray won’t slide all the way in – what should I do?

First check what kind of device you are printing from – tablet or PC. Then check whether you are operating on the latest printer drivers and your OS is up to date.

Why am I experiencing problems loading printing paper?

You need to check whether you are using the right paper size for your printer

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